NAMM SHOW 2013 at Anaheim

  We were caught in the heavy rain and totally got soaked on the way
  to the exhibition. Fortunately, the rain stopped just before the exhibition
  has started at 10:00 AM, and we had a pleasant first day at NAMM.
  We thank many of those who have visited our booth today! Although
  we have decided to attend just a few weeks before the event, we are
  happy to know that many of our customers knew about our exhibition
  from our last minute notices.
  Cardboard piano also got so much attention! Some even admired
  Japanese craftsmanship. Please visit Takemoto Piano booth at NAMM Show.
  We look forward to meeting you soon!
  Despite our hope for clear sky, second day at NAMM started
  with rain. As it was rainy for whole day, the event was very crowded,
  some were enjoying themselves with beer in their hands!
  There were so many rock and rollers with outrageous outfit at the first floor,
  whom we cannot find at the third floor for pianos.
  When I was taking the escalator back to the booth, I found Takemoto’s logo
  shown on the screen. I could take a picture though there were people queuing.
  Unfortunately, as we are off tomorrow we cannot update this review, but we
  will be waiting at NAMM Show. Please wait until next week.
  Thank you and have a good weekend!

  As there were many piano companies exhibiting at the NAMM SHOW
  we would like to share our report on the booths of two Japanese biggest piano makers,
  whose products we deal with.

  While most companies exhibit their products at the Anaheim Convention Center,
  Yamaha exhibits their products every year at the nearby Marriot Hotel,
  where they exhibit all kinds of instruments such as guitars, drums, and violins.
  In the piano section, Yamaha had various products on display including uprights and grand pianos,
  and also Indonesia-made b series upright pianos which they plan to sell in full-scale in the US market this year.
  They also had many grand pianos with disklavier units, which were demonstrated in a way to show
  the different kind of uses for the disklavier.

  Unfortunately, photography was forbidden at Kawai’s booth, but we observed a big change in their product lineup.
  They displayed all 7 sizes of the GX grand piano, a new series succeeding the RX grand piano.
  A characteristic of the GX series is that they use harder back posts with words “Konsei-katagi” labeled.

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