Providing high-quality & to-the-point services as Takemoto Piano, No.1 used piano exporter

50 Countries Worldwide
Painting Skills
Automated Warehouse
Accredited by JUPA
Packing Pianos Securely Sales Staffs Concert Tuner Certified Accountant
The only company which has trade experience
with 50 countries worldwide

Takemoto Piano is pioneer which developed the business model, exporting Japan-made secondhand pianos to overseas.
With long-term business experience, we have built relationship of trust with many clients.
We hold high-quality maintenance skills through repairing many pianos, and acquire high repotation from clients worldwide over 50 countries.
Painting skills at equivalent level
to manufacturers

Polyester paint has advantage of hardness of paint and high gloss, and it is used by new-piano manufacturers. On the other hand, however, there is technical difficulties to properly paint a piano with it, so many other repairing factories do not use polyester paint. Takemoto Piano is the only company which uses polyester paint for used piano maintenance, and we re-produce pianos with high gloss as brand-new pianos.
Automated warehouse jointly-developed

Takemoto Piano continues challenges for new procedures with innovative ideas.
For managing automated warehouse, we jointly-developed the method with TOYOTA.
Under automated warehouse, unmanned forklift transports piano safely and quickly, 24/7, for inbound/outbound works.
Member of
Japan Used Piano Association (JUPA)

Mission of Japan Used Piano Association (JUPA) is to serve Japan-made used pianos to the world.
There are strict examination to become a member, and only those who show satisfactory inspection & maintenance performance will be approved as an official member.
Takemoto Piano is the first company approved as member No.1.
Packing pianos securely for
trouble-free preventing from collapsing of pianos

Upon exporting pianos to overseas by container, counting maximum capacity is always a big issue.
With knowledge accumulated for a long time, we are capable of reliable delivery of pianos placing into container securely, with maximum number of pianos. We acquire high reputaion for packing pianos into container securely.
Supporting clients by sales staffs
with thorough knowledge on pianos & market

Sales staffs of Takemoto Piano always make effort for obtaining useful information for clients.
As the No.1 company on this business, we accumulate various market information from all over the world through sales staffs.
Through cooperation with technical department, we acquire new techniques and knowledges. If you have qustions on piano, market, or repair, please feel free to ask our sales staffs.
Providing satisfactory quality
on sounds checked by concert tuner

Even though we deal with used pianos, people expects high quality equivalent to brand-new pianos.
We regard sound is also important factor of piano. Takemoto Piano starts to cooperate with Mr. Michio Nakamura, a former Yamaha certified Concert Tuner who achieved the certificate on April 2002, in order to take care of sounds of each piano by tuning.
Assisting with certified accountant to support
for reliable trade in terms of taxation & rules.

Takemoto Piano keeps on making effort to build reliable trade environment for clients, as well as quality of merchandise.
We hire Certified Public Accountant (CPA), in order to answer to various questions regarding business status.