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On 1st Feb, all staff members celebrated “SETSUBUN” together.

Setsubun is the Japanese day used to mark the end of Winter. On this day, people throw soy beans inside and outside their house while saying “Evil go away from my house, Good Luck come in!” This way we invite the Good Luck to our homes and clean them from the Evil.

On this day we ate Ehou-maki, which are a type of sushi rolls. It is said that if you eat it facing the lucky direction of the year, you will become healthy and your business will be successful.
It is also said that eating it together helps deepen the bonds among family members, friends and colleagues.
We hope that a lot of Good Luck will enter your house and business!

 Happy New Year!

We are happy to deliver all of you our New Year Greetings.
This year will be a memorable and meaningful one for us since it is our 40th Anniversary of the foundation.
We would like you to know how much your continued patronage and support of our business means to us and we wish to sincerely thank you.
To express our gratitude, we are planning a special event to celebrate the 40th anniversary with you, hoping that it will also be an opportunity to make our business relationship even stronger.
We wish you a wonderful 2018, full of Joy and business success!

 TV interview

On November 22nd we got interviewed by Chukyo TV.
Up until now we have been interviewed many times but this time was special! We were given the chance to welcome a famous TV host and were so excited when he went here and there filming, asking questions and pointing out our company characteristics for the audience that will watch the program when aired!

 The pianos “Yume” and “Modern” were sold out!

A part from a great variety of the most popular models, we are able to offer this kind of unique pianos as well.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!

  “Secret story of the birth of the Commercial on which a company fortune was bet”

Recently we got interviewed regarding the birth of our TV commercial by a prominent national newspaper for an article called “Secret story of the birth of the Commercial on which a company fortune was bet”.
Our company commercial is at present being aired all over the country and got the 9th place on the “Favorite Commercial Ranking” in 2016.
Takemoto Piano actual TV commercial was created in the year 2000 and has been broadcasted for 17 years without undergoing any change. Before 2000 six other commercials were created, but they didn`t produce the results we hoped for: striving to recover, we put together a new team and came up with the commercial that you can still watch today.
Click here for the article
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In occasion of the “SAKAI – ASEAN WEEK”, event organized by the embassies and consulates of the ASEAN countries in collaboration with the City of Sakai being hold these days, Takemoto Piano was again chosen to take part in the Student Ambassador Program together with 13 students coming from Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The “SAKAI – ASEAN WEEK”, this year at its 9th Edition, is a prominent event being hold in Sakai, a city with deep connections with ASEAN countries since the 15th Century, now also hosting the Consulate General of Vietnam.

Every year during this event, our staff looks forward to meeting with the Student Ambassadors, whom we were able to greet this year as well.

Looking at the Student Ambassadors, all university students majoring in Japanese language, showing their outstanding results by actively asking questions in fluent Japanese regarding the pianos, we too became excited and kept talking even over the scheduled time.

We were honored to be able to step over the country boundaries and have this cultural exchange with such wonderful young people.
We will do our best to keep improving and so being able to participate in the event next year as well.


We participated in the reception held for the SAKAI-ASEAN WEEK 2017.
This interaction project, arrived at its 9th edition, it`s an event sponsored by the City of Sakai in which ten ambassadors and Consul Generals in Japan of ASEAN countries, The Japanese Government, Osaka Prefecture and the Kansai Economic Federation participate. Our company too participates every time and this year as well we plan to hold a meeting to welcome exchange students. We had good and friendly cultural exchanges with the Consul Generals of each country at the Kansai Economic Federation meeting and other events as well. In this occasion we were honored to be able to greet the newly appointed Consul General of the Philippines and the Consul General of Thailand in Osaka.

  72st Anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Invited by The Socialist Republic of Vietnam our president ,Coo
Mr. Keiichi Takemoto has attended “72st Anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam held on Friday ,1st September 2017 ,at 6:30 pm, Imperial Hotel Osaka.
Many people from various fields had attended ,created a spectacular ceremony。
(Photo:Mr. Takemoto with Consul General Mr. Tran Duc Binh)


ESSEX EGP155 has just arrived!
As the conditions are all A with no damages on body, we expect it will go out of stock soon.
If you are interested, we recommend your early inquiry to keep this piano.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our sales staff.


We have just had a big bamboo tree in our entrance lobby.
This is to celebrate the Star Festival called Tanabata in Japan on 7th July.
People write down their wish on strips of paper and decorate the bamboo with them, enjoying the early summer.
"We wish we could keep a good business relationship with our customers."

  Introduction & KREUTZER K3

≪Movie description ≫

We would like to introduce you various piano models
of our Sales Specialists recommend, in MOVIE!
Please check out their inside & sound before you get them!

For inquiry & order, please contact to the following: