Have you ever heard about the name Bartolomeo Christofori?
He was born in 1655 at Padova Italy and had been working for Medici family at Firenze as a musical instrument creator. Christofori is widly know as an inventor of pianos but did you know how he invented the instruments?
In early his career, he had made exsisted instruments such as spinets and cembalo also invented a instrument called Spinettone. One day he received a special requirement from Medici family. At this time a mojority of instrments were played by pulling strings however Medici family requested him to create a instrument make sound by hitting strings.
Cristofori had always find joy when he think about how machine work or invented something new so he was very happy to have such a request and that made him to get so into it.
Then he created an instrument called Fortepiano. It means Strong・Weak in Italian as player could adjust volume of sound. Fortepiano was right between old cembalos and pianos in present day however it is recognized as the first piano as it had hammers hitting strings

Did you know Japan third piano maker Toyo piano has released a brand called Christofori?
This brand was made to show respect to Christofori who invented pianos. Basically simple and standard designe but there are some varaety of designs such as wood patterned and black to match house interiors.Japan piano makers have various of brand with original charactaristics in order to compete Yamaha and Kawai. That makes a country to a major piano manufacture front abd produce various of laxury pianos. If you are interested, please contact us for further infomation.