The G20 Summit will be held on June 28th and 29th in Osaka.
The currency and stock prices are still unstable because of the ongoing trade friction between USA and China: promoting free trade and innovation is going to be one of the main points of discussion of the summit. We hope the consultation will be concluded with good news for the global economy, but it`s difficult to make predictions.
Both USA and China strongly show a non-negotiable attitude towards each other: the US government is ready to launch the 4th tariff against China and China is not likely to stop the tariff either, in a circle of mutual revenge.

In occasion of the G20 Summit, a massive traffic regulation will be into effect between June 27th and 30th. Huge traffic jams are expected because of the checkpoints for drivers that will be introduced in various spots of the Kansai area, including of course Osaka city. Big traffic jams are also expected around the maritime area and delays have been announced in arranging containers transportation into the ports.

We will do our best to schedule shipping arrangements and be able to have every container transported into the ports by June 22nd and so avoid delays or a long stalling time.
Please check below the timing necessary for an optimized schedule.

To China, Asia, Middle East To North America, Oceania, Europe
June 17th: Countersign June 12th: Countersign
June 21st: Vanning June 21st: Vanning

In order to be able to finish all the arrangements for loading and move along a determined schedule, please contact us as soon as possible if you are considering making an order for your Summer (or Winter) season/stock.

Considering the possibility of a currency crisis, it might be the best time to prepare for the upcoming season: prepare a Summer (or Winter) strategy before your rivals take actions!

We thank you as always for your cooperation and promise to keep supporting you and your business as much as we can!