Among our stock, one EVERETT red piano of unidentified model and serial no.
19361 remarkably stands out from the others.
As written on its frame: EVERETT PIANO COMPANY BOSTON, this is an American maker born in Boston U.S.A.
In the 19th Century, Boston was a center of piano production.
The features that first draw the attention are its color and high.
It comes in red-scarlet color, and with a high of 141cm it is higher than a Yamaha 3 Series.
A lovely flower engraving on the frame and music desk, besides its cat leg design give it a especially beautiful presence.
Since its is a model with some years behind, its condition might be a point to consider.
However, its georgeus structure makes it a superb piano. It is the kind of pianos that only a rich stock like Takemoto´s has.
We have many other unique pianos in stock and you are totally welcome to come and take a look on them. For any other details please contact your sales representative.