New era 'Rei Wa' has begun


As the new emperor took a throne, the new era called 'Rei Wa' has begun.
Rei Wa is written in Chinese caracter as attached photo. Here is what 'Rei Wa' means.
Culture shall be born and grown in sympathies that citizens have.
May the country let all citizens make bloom their hope for the future.
We deeply appreciate for your great support and understanding that you had shown for 30 years, during the last era 'Hei Sei'.
We would like to be more grown company with you in the new era 'Rei Wa' too.
We hope you to make a great memories on the beginning of 'Rei Wa' era if you have plans to make a trip.
Also, if you have plans to visit Japan, please do stop by.
We have more than 100 new pianos coming in daily. We would be happy to assist you any time.