One very rare piano, a KG3C with crystal cabinet, arrived to our warehouse!

The KG was one of KAWAI’s major GP series until the RX series was released, and it still is very popular as it is the symbol of KAWAI’s mellow tone….but this unit in particular is very special!

What comes to your mind when you hear “crystal piano”?
Probably SCHIMMEL’s crystal piano will immediately come to your mind, but there is also another company that produces and sells this kind of model, KAWAI.
SCHIMMEL’s crystal piano is made of glass and that’s why it is very heavy and easily breakable, prone to chipping or cracking.
On the contrary, KAWAI’s crystal piano is made of acrylic material that has better resistance and high transparency: that’s why it receives high evaluations. This special acrylic board is manufactured by Nippura Co., Ltd. in Kagawa prefecture. Their acrylic boards have the highest transparency in the world and they are completely a work of Japanese technology. Nippura’s acrylic boards are so good that they are also being used for the world’s largest aquarium in China (Chimelong Ocean Kingdom) and the second largest one, Aqua Wall in Dubai!

KAWAI’s crystal piano is a built-to-order product and the latest crystal model price is 1 hundred million Japanese Yen: it has been made to commemorate KAWAI’s 90th anniversary and is limited to 5 units only.
Prices for crystal pianos are most likely to be increasing in the future because they are rare, but Takemoto can provide this kind of instruments too, so it might be a good choice to have something special in your piano selection and be one step ahead of your competitors!

More than 100 pianos arrive to our warehouse everyday so feel free to contact your appointed sales personnel: even if you cannot find some of the models you want in other suppliers` stocks, it is possible that we have them!