The high class model from Apollo, AR78Z has came into our warehouse recently.

As you might already know, Apollo is one of the top three brand in Japan which still produce pianos. Apollo was first born in 1930, with inheriting the spirits of craftmanship from TOYO piano.
Besides their prudential management in business, they had the success in their special technics as well. They have developed SSS system which made it possible to make the upright piano more like a grand piano. With its sound and the quality, Apollo was selected to be the recommended brand for the Tokyo University of Arts, and Musashino Academia Musicae.

There are many special features for Apollo AR78Z.
First of all, "tone escape"is applied. Tone escape provides a way of listening to a more full-spectrum sound to the pianist. It picks up even a very slight small notes so it is recommended to the beginners as well. YUS series which is the popular line ups from Yamaha has been also applied "tone escape".
In addition, Ebony is used in the black keys which makes more comfortable touch on the keys. And the Renner felt from Germany is used in the hammers. For the body design, it is dark walnut colour with polished. This makes more luxurious lookings with its curved leg.

AR78Z is the excellent piano with these features which you might get surprised with.
Please kindly contact to your contacting person if you are interested!

Model: APOLLO AR78Z 195208
Production year: 1988
Specs: Length 153CM Height 127CM Width 64CM