U3H Custom Model


Breaking News! One custom U3H arrived in our warehouse!
We now have been dealing with more than 27,000 pianos, however we have never seen this type of U3H before.
There are 5 special features about this U3H that we want to share this time.

1. Casters
This U3H has double casters like Grand Pianos. They support the piano weight and look very strong and elegant.

2. Sostenuto Pedal
Usually for Upright Pianos the middle pedal is the Muffler Pedal, but in this custom U3H acts as a Sostenuto Pedal. Normally only Grand Pianos and luxury upright models have this pedal that makes possible to express one`s play with more variety.

3. Frame
This model has a custom number stamp on the inside part of the frame. The soundboard has a small hole to connect frame and the specially added backposts.

4.Toe blocks
They are usually made of plastic but in this U3H are made of wood, allowing an excellent sound propagation.

The normal U3H has 4 backposts, however this one has 6: they are also strongly fixed to the frame to better prevent any unpleasant noise.

Even for company with a big stock as we are, it`s rare to see this kind of Custom U3H, so we are really excited about this. Of course there is only one unit, so it`s strictly on first-come-first-served basis! Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information.