Beginning of March in Japan – Beautiful Plum Blossoms Season


According to the weather forecast, Sakura (Cherry trees) will also blossom soon: during this season Japanese people widely do “Hanami”, a sort of picnic under the flowers with family and friends.
“Hanami” is a custom of old history, as it was practiced by noble family members starting from the 7th century. It was a custom imported from China and at that time plum blossoms were the main object of this “look and appreciate” activity: during the middle of the 7th century cherry blossoms became the most appreciated view, since the Emperor`s birthday was at the end of March, exactly when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. “Hanami” started to spread even among commoners during the Edo Period, in the 16th century, and nowadays remains an appreciated part of the traditional Japanese culture.
If you have any plan to come to Japan during this season you will have many chances to see people doing “Hanami” and we also recommend trying the experience in first person, as it is unique and relaxing!