YAMAHA W110KES 5367902


Just because W110KES is a small piano, it doesn`t mean it is not special!
This is a limited anniversary model made in occasion of YAMAHA “merger & acquisitions” of the U.K.’s piano maker KEMBLE Pianos: the number of manufactured units was limited and they were sold only inside Japan.
The cabinet was handled by KEMBLE and the used sapele wood grain looks luxurious.
On the front panel and legs there are three-dimensional decorations and metal details which prove W110KES is a very high-end piano.

Not only the cabinet but also the action and other specs are good; the hammers are all underfelts, there are 4 back posts, 3 pedals and RF-type Silent.
W110KES was a very rare model even among other high-end pianos.
If you are interested to put this piano in your showroom, please feel free to contact your appointed sales personnel!