We would like to introduce MIKI GAKKI this time.

MIKI GAKKI (Formerly known as Sasuke Kawachiya), was first found in Osaka in 1825. The 4th generation president, SASUKE MIKI has started to sell musical instruments with TORAKUSU YAMAHA, who is the founder of YAMAHA.
In 1897, MIKI GAKKI served as the auditor for Nippon Gakki, which is the company later becomes Yamaha. Additionally, his work of the publication regarding Japanese famous musicians made their presence famous and well known.

His great work brought them to become the Steinway&Sons Japan Agent in 1921, the agent for Kawai Kansai branch in 1930, and they became franchised with Yamaha (Formerly known as Nippon Gakki) which made them to start selling the MIKI brand piano organ.
As we can see from this record, MIKI GAKKI had significantly contributed to music instrument market with Yamaha and Kawai in Japan.

Now, let's see the pianos from MIKI.
When you compare YAMAHA U1H and MIKI M1H around same age, you will notice MIKI tried to be the high class brand than Yamaha.
For example, they use silver pin other than blue pin. Silver pin is better to protect it from the damage from rust.
For piano body, they only use woods, not using any plastics even on legs nor toe blocks. This helps the pianos to have the brilliant sound using whole wooden warm vibration. The design is fascinated by wooden curves and lines too.

With these long stories and the quality we can recommend, how about to try some MIKI piano? Please tell your contact person for details for each MIKI models!