Atlas Piano


Today, I would like to talk about a piano brand ‘Atlas’.
Atlas Piano had produced lots of popular brand such as ‘Brother’,’Kreuizbach’,’Royal’, ‘Victor’, including ‘Atlas’ that become the company name.
In 1955, Mr Tadashi Yorikane established ‘Nichibei Gakki’ which eventually became ‘Atlas Piano’. At that time, Atlas Piano was specialized in assembling piano parts to make a finished product. In 1960, Nichibei Gakki became Atlas Piano and they took out JIS mark certification which Yamaha and Kawai could not even have obtained.
In fact, it was thought to impossible for any woodworking companies would get JIS mark certification. What Atlas Piano had done was an outstanding achievement and you could realize how they had equipped with the latest facilities to constantly produce high qualified pianos. Mr Yorikane had nothing at the time he established Atlas Piano however it became a huge company capitalized at 3,5 billion yen.
Atlas Piano was said to the third biggest Japanese piano manufacture coming after Yamaha and Kawai during 1960 to 1970. However around the begging to 1980, local demands on pianos had dropped and Atlas Piano factually went bankrupt in 1986. Atlas Piano had a factory which had been dedicated for a national university of music which convinced enough that both a national university of music and MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) had given an endorsement to Atlas Piano. In present day, Atlas stays one of the most reliable Japanese piano brands.
We recommend you to display Atlas’s decorative pianos such as A55M or NA505 with a big music desk in comparison to Yamaha and Kawai to impress your customers more. If you are interested, please contact us now!