Today we would like to tell you about Kawai Ki65F.
Ki65F is an antique style model with a half-finished finishing on the birch wood case.
The birch is a type of tree growing in cold climates and is a very popular wood with a wood grain similar to the cherry`s one, and so often being used as a substitute for cherry wood.
The elaborated external music desk, Chippendale legs, metal fittings of the keyboard lid etc., were designed while being conscious of the American-made pianos.
The fretwork used for the music desk is a traditional craft technology of Japan.
This model is very fashionable and it also fits easily the furniture of the room in which it`s put:
it is a compact spinet type piano, so it`s perfect for narrow rooms such as those of condominiums.
The Japanese spinet models were designed and manufactured primarily for export from the beginning, but due to the many changes in the Japanese living culture, domestic demand also increased, making it a popular model.
Like American-made pianos, the keys have a shallow sinking, so jazz music can also be played comfortably.
In terms of manufacturing quality, hammers are Kawai all-underfelt ones and both white and black keys are subjected to a strict antimicrobial treatment.
How about trying to suggest this model to customers who are reluctant to purchase Spinet pianos?
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Ki65F:Height 114cm
Width 154cm
Depth 60cm
Weight 200kg