Have you ever heard of the brand ‘’GERSHWIN’’ before?
Gershwin is a brand name of pianos that were manufactured by Higashi Nihon Piano first, by Ouka Gakki, Flora and Swan Gakki after that and finally by Barock.
For many brands of around that time the brand name was chosen after the designer, but in this case was chosen after a musician: George Gershwin was in fact a composer born in U.S.A in 1898, famous for his popular and classical music. He contributed greatly to the American music scene and was called the “Perfect Musician”.

Today we would like to introduce the Garshwin G800W, part of our current stock.
Among its characteristics, it can be noted that it utilizes the Agraffe for low notes to sound more like a Grand Piano.
For the soundboard Ezo pine, which is a famous and high quality pine of the Hokkaido area, is used and for the back side of the soundboard was created for the first time the Tension Resonator, which supports the sound stability for a long time.
The key touch is very light but at the same time it keeps imposing the quality of sound.
The Walnut Polished finishing case looks fashionable, with beautiful curved legs: the sculpture on the front panel contributes to show that this is a top quality handcrafted instrument.
Higashi Nihon Piano had introduced many innovative technics for pianos, such as Tension Regulator: this maker`s pianos have a particular touch that makes them similar to Grand Pianos and so they are still very popular in Japan.

If you are interested in this brand, please feel free to contact us anytime.