The highest value grand piano just came in to our stock today.
It is Steinway&Sons M170 model. As you already know, Steinway&Sons is one of the top three piano makers of the world. When we say the top three, it indicates Steinway&Sons, Bosendorfer, and Bechstein. Within these makers, Steinway&Sons is the NO.1 for being selected by most of the pianist to perform in the big contest in the world.

It is already transformed as usual and normal design, but Theodor Steinway first designed the cross strings in the pianos. By this design, the stronger sound created by its frame, body, and actions was improved.

The model M170, which we introduce today, has the very fine color and body decoration using well-chosen walnut woods.
This model is made to order only and called “LOUIS XV”, which is the perfect model not only for the use of instrument, but to decorate as an interior in the house too.

There are other recommended points; decorated music desk, Chippendale legs, decorated pedal case. All of these features creates even more luxurious to the piano.

Also, it is using a double string which prevents unbalanced tensions and any twists of the strings so that it makes the clear sounds.

We always rack the stock for Steinway&Sons so it is very rare model. In addition, this one is made in N.Y., which makes it even more special. Compared to the one made in Hamburg, the one from N.Y. has very bright and pop sound which will widen the music possibility.

We now have only 1 unit of this model in our stock.
Please feel free ask your contacting person if you are interested.