We have a rare piano coming in. RX2PM is a rare model with 'Piano Mask' function.
Kawai RX series is loved by wide range of players such as biggines to professional pianists.
This model carries 'Ultra responsive action' which is originally developed by Kawai.
The reason why RX series got such a fame because they improved Kawai tone based on world trends, Steinway just as Yamaha does after Kawai got rid of Kawai tone which was a characteristic of KG series.
Kawai also has shifted their business standard to improve higher grade pianos than KG series by producing NX series and superior Briliant tone models than GS or CA models.
Their current model GX are very popular both in Europe and China.
GX model has the same characteristic of RX too.
The reason why KS series are popular to players is because it is delicately maintained and has a rich tone.
It makes pople think the piano is a high spec model while it is costed much lower than Steinway.
As RX2PM has Piano Mask function, you will be able to play tunes everywhere.
No need to renovate inside of the piano but Piano Mask fanction will help you to reduce 40% of volume by blocking where the sound comes out.
We would say what RX2PM makes sperior than common pianos with silent functions is the point you can enjoy a real piano sound.
We have lots of more high qualified Japanese second hand pianos. Please contact to your contact person at any inquiries or questions.