Hello everyone!
Have you ever heard about ZEN-ON pianos?
The Japanese kanji for "ZEN-ON" are "全音"and people who play music in Japan have heard of this name before.
全音 is one of the most important companies dealing with music publications in Japan and a big enterprise handling all kinds of music scores.
ZEN-ON pianos were manufactured by Zen-on Gakki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and TOYO PIANO MFG. Co., LTD.
ZEN-ON Gakki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 and contracted a business partnership agreement with Victor, a Japanese consumer electronics corporation in 1961.
The purpose for this contract was innovation for both companies: on one hand, an electrical manufacture aiming to boost the sales of audio equipment and on the other hand an instrumental manufacture aiming to adopt electrical technology.
In 1961, ZEN-ON Gakki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. planned to constrcut a lare-scale facility in Kakegawa city where the YAMAHA factory was.
However, ZEN-ON Gakki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. rights of management became of Sakata Inx Corporation in Osaka (an inkmaker company) and this ended Zen-On history.
Although ZEN-ON Gakki's pianos are no longer in production, ZEN-ON Music Company Limited survived and its scores are widely used in Japan and many piano teachers and students use them.
ZEN-ON Music Company Limited is currently affiliated with KAWAI, but has kept its name and is still associated with a famous music company of long history.
It might be a good choice to place some ZEN-ON's scores beside a ZEN-ON piano!
If you are interested, please feel free to ask your sales personnel!