"Ciresa Soundboard"


Very special pianos such as made with "Ciresa Soundboard" come to our warehouse once in a while.
"Ciresa" is the company founded by Mr. Enrico Ciresa in 1952 in Trentino, located in North Italy.
What makes special about this company is that they are the only company which can press and process "European Spruce" which grows in Val di Fiemme.
As you can see by its name, "European Spruce" grow in European countries. In English, it is called "Norway Spruce", in Japanese, "German Spruce", and since it is reddish colored wood, it is called "Abete Rosso" which means "Red Spruce" in Italy.
European Spruce has its characteristics depend on the area they grow.
The one which grows in Val di Fiemme is well known for the very valuable great echo and soundings.
Even the famous Antonio Stradivari used this Spruce in Val di Fiemme for his own violin.
Nowadays, European Spruce is used in the soundboard in various instruments such as Violins, Cellos and Guitars, and is known as "Singing Wood".
World top company like Fazioli, Bechstein, and Bluthner use"Ciresa soundboard" for their pianos.
You can check easily it is truely from "Ciresa" since there is the unique emblem on the soundboard and the piano comes with the certificate of origin.
Soundboard is the most important part in the piano and it will be perfect when the sound made by hammer and the strings not go out straightly, but through the soundboard.
Soundboard makes the sound more expressive and vibrate the sound. Now you might see how important and valuable to have "Cirea soundboard".
Please feel free to ask your contacting person for further informations! We have some pianos with EZO spruce besides Ciresa which we can also recommend for you.