One very attractive grand piano: DIAPASON 183SW


We are happy to announce that one Diapason 183SW grand piano recently came in stock.
As you know, Diapason had one strong policy: to make pianos with a quality not inferior to the European ones.
Mr. Hataiwa Ohhashi, a famous and skilled craftsman of the Japanese piano industry, thought that the sound and looks of Bechstein pianos were the ideal one to be pursued when making his products: these are the circumstances under with the Diapason 183SW was created.
The most noticeable characteristic of this piano is the single-strung style, appreciated by many customers all around the world.
The majority of piano manufacturers adopt regular loop stringing, with one string looping around its hitch pin and so becoming double: in this model however, every string including middle and high sounds ones, has a dedicated hitch pin, to which is attached.
This method requires a lot of time and effort, however DIAPASON is dedicated towards high quality sound and by using this manufacturing style creates a great tune balance and quality.
When it comes to the single-strung style, many think of Bechstein Pianos: Mr. Ohhashi moved to Germany especially to learn everything about the Bechstein he admired and then be able to put a great deal of time and technic into his own Diapason Pianos. That is why Diapason is called “The Japanese Bechstein”.
In Yamaha, Kawai and many other pianos the sound resonates thorough the frame and case, however Diapason pianos imitate the old Europe style: the sound resonates from the middle of the soundboard, where the crown is, making possible to create a delicate and deep sound, without unwanted noises.
Currently not only Japanese customers, but also customers in Europe are coming to love this brand more and more year by year. It`s a very popular model, so easy to sell.

If you are interested and want to learn more about Diapason Grand Pianos, please feel free to ask your contact person.