This year too “SAKAI・ASEAN WEEK”, the annual event that Sakai City and the embassies and consulates of each participating ASEAN Country sponsor, was held.
This year was the event 10th edition and We, Takemoto Piano Japan, were chosen again as one of the tour places in program for the 12 representative students of the participating countries, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.
We organized a small workshop program where the students could experience some of the repairs we do to our pianos and we were very impressed to see them trying so hard: we felt that the power of the younger generations is helping the countries in Southeast Asia developing more and more.
We realized again how important it is to provide many people with the opportunity to touch and see our pianos directly and by doing so, spreading the wonderfulness of pianos throughout the world.
To satisfy our customers` needs and curiosity, we provide many chances to touch and see a variety of pianos in case of a visit to our company.
Some customers also post on SNS the photos and videos taken when they visited us and are taking advantage of many good chances thanks to the visibility they gain.
If you would like to visit our company, please feel free to ask your contact person anytime!