Coating technology


Takemoto piano has always worked to improve its coating technology.
We paint more than 6,000 units per year.
The polyester paint we are using was developed by a paint manufacturer who also deals with the top 2 Japanese piano makers.
Our original polyester paint enables a degree of hardness and brilliance that is not possible to obtain with lacquer painting, even if it`s still widely used.
The polyester we use has a 2H to 3H hardness, it doesn`t have chemical reactions once cured and is much more resistant against scratches and temperature changes compared to lacquer painting, which tan and fade with the passing of time.
The deep black color gives indeed a high-class feeling to any piano, don`t you think?
In response to your requests, from this month we have also started a new service: on demand, we can paint only the pianos` fallboard, which is the part where scratches and damages stand out the most!
You are very welcome to have a taste of our painting techniques, so feel free to contact us for more information!