Baldwin Piano is known for advocating a slogan “America’s Favorite Piano”.
D.H Baldwin founded Baldwin Piano in 1873 and started to make pianos from 1891.
In 1900, Baldwin Piano was awarded the Grand Prize at the Exhibition took place in Paris and the brand went widely known to nation in 1920s.

Although most of manufacturing in local had stopped in 2008, Baldwin Piano is still chosen as the second of the best pianos in the world and still supported by the Pianists as a legend of the past.

A basic characteristic of Baldwin piano is key touch. Baldwin pianos are much more feasible for playing Jazz music as their key touches are shallower than Japanese pianos. Most of Baldwin upright pianos are spinet type and their body with wooden pattern is one of their characteristics as well.

In current trend in Japan, while uprights are still gain popularity, pianos like Baldwin piano become interested because they accord with home interiors.
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