Today we would like to introduce the STEINRICH brand.
The founder is a piano technician, Mr. Ishikawa, who had a “Piano is living” concept.
Mr. Ishikawa learned his piano skills from Mr. Naokichi Yamaha (a pupil of the YAMAHA founder)
and after 4 years started to work with Mr. Koichi Kawai, the founder of KAWAI,
accumulating various experiences for 5 more years.
In 1934, when he was just 24 years old, he established the SANYO Musical Instrument Factory,
which was then divided in two companies in 1948: TOYO Piano Manufacture
(the appointed company by Tokyo University of the Arts and Musashino Academia Musicae)
and STEINRICH Piano Manufacture.
The manufacture period of STEINRICH was between 1960 and 1989
and Mr. Ishikawa kept trying to produce ALL HANDMADE pianos
using expensive wood like Mahogany, Oak, Walnut etc.
Among them, the S18EA model, with a beautiful walnut gradation cabinet,
big music desk panel and curved legs, can be considered a piece of art.
STEINRICH pianos utilize Renner Hammers and handmade actions (some are Renner Actions)
and there is no compromise in their quality!
Generally prices rise when using these expensive parts,
however you can get good quality Japan-made pianos for more reasonable prices compared to the German ones.
S18EA can be sold out very quickly but we also stock other good STEINRICH pianos,
so don’t hesitate to call or write to your sales contact person!