Today we would like to introduce you Belton, which is a very popular brand in Japan.
Belton started production in 1937 in its Hamamatsu piano laboratory: after World WarⅡ, its quality dramatically improved thanks to Mr. Sawayama Seijiro, the best apprentice of Matsumoto-Gakki (Yamaha competitor).
Some Belton models that Mr.Sawayama supervised have many unique features such as the top panel opening and closing and so creating a tone escape (patent No.481852) and the pedal spring which allows to adjust the strength used on the pedal (patent No.453845).
The famous pianist Leonid Kreutzer who trained Music Colleges in Japan, highly evaluated the brand stating “It sounds like a bell”: he so became the one who actually first named Belton pianos. Belton pianos have Mr. Leonid Kreutzer name logo on the frame.
Unfortunately this brand stopped being manufactured in 1968, however it’s still popular because its sound is completely different compared to Yamaha and Kawai pianos.
We have many models of Belton in our warehouse, so please feel free to contact your sales person anytime for questions or information.