In Japan, we say that Fall is the best season for arts, music and reading.
Today we would like to introduce you the YU50, which structure is among uprights, the most similar to a Grand Piano`s.
YU50 had been only produced from 2001 to 2006.
The big music desk created looking at Grand Pianos design is lined in Mahogany, which makes the piano look luxurious.
Created not only for a beautiful appearance, the music desk with “tone escape” helps letting the sound out directly to the player.
The action features aliquot type Pressure Bars and Agraffes that are not used in the current model YUS5.
In addition, hammers present the same felts of a Grand Piano`s and keys are made of New IvoryⅡand Natural Ebony, which absorb hands sweat well so that the player can express delicate touch nuances more easily.
The floating support system, also similar to the one of a Grand Piano, allows the soundboard to vibrate more freely and dynamically.
This piano really gives you the feeling of being playing a Grand Piano and it is a very rare and appreciated model, so be fast to ask your contact person for more information!