An SK2 unit of the Kawai top series “Shigeru Kawai”, active in many international contests, finally came in stock!
“Shigeru Kawai” is the best Kawai Grand Piano series, made using top quality materials and putting in it all techniques Kawai have acquired.
For example for the sound board, also called the heart of the piano, the spruce being used underwent natural seasoning with a very long dry time to improve the quality of sound.
ABS resin with carbon fiber, which is a top-notch material, is being used for the ACT, hammer felts are a fine handmade work of artisans and are exactly like those of the Kawai EX luxury model.
The final sound adjustment is made by MPA (Master Piano Artisan) tuners, a handful of technicians who have outstanding skills and who check and tune pianos carefully one by one.
This model is very rare so be fast to ask your contact person for more information!