Acoustic piano or Electric piano?


When customers start considering to buy pianos, many of them might not be able to make a decision which one to pick.
Acoustics or electric pisnos. I'd like to share a story about a customer who had actually had difficult time to make up a mind.
When a year past since his daughter started learning pianos, he started thinking to buy an acoustic piano or an electric piano instead of a keyboard which his daughter was using.
He even thought if his daughter still wanted to keep learning pianos or she wanted to learn something else.
As his daughter seemed loosing passions for pianos, he didn't want to spend a lot of money for an instrument which his daughter is not interested.
When he and his daughter walked into a music instrument shop his daughter felt in love with a small acoustic piano.
The price was affordable and seemed the piano would be able to squeeze in their house so he decided to buy the piano for his daughter.
Seemed his daighter was enjoying to play the tune which she couldn't have played on keyboard.
That made har to get passions for pianos back and her technics jumped rapidly improved.
Now she enjoys the sound which could be different by little finger pressure.
That is what an acoustic piano can wake up and this is the strongest point to about an acoustic pianos that an electric pianos don't have.