Today we would like to introduce you the KAWAI CL4WO.
CL4WO is one of the models of the CITY LIFE series, which is popular for its compact and simple design.
There is a CITY LIFE logo, but this CL4WO also has a KAWAI logo on the music desk.
"Features of CL4WO"
・Stopper which allows to adjust the sound by opening the top board
・Compact size (Height 104cm, Weight 165kg) appropriate for small spaces like city apartments
・Woodgrain (walnut, matte finishing) cabinet that goes well with any room interior
If you are looking for a beginner piano, to upgrade from digital piano to acoustic or
for a piano to put in a children’s room, this CL4WO is the piano exactly matching your needs!
・Height 104cm
・Width 146cm
・Depth 53cm
・Weight 165kg
・Color: Walnut
・Finish: Matte
We also have other models of the KAWAI CITY LIFE Series
so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.