"CITY LIFE" Series from KAWAI


This time, we would like to introduce you "CITY LIFE" series from KAWAI.
Recently, high rise apartment buildings are becoming more popular for its convenience.
The situation of housing have changed due to this,
such as many furnitures became smaller than before or storage items has been already equipped in the house.
Big instruments which takes place are also not a exception for this stream.
Digital pianos takes its role when the space of the houses have been smaller.
Pricing was also one of the reason why people preferred digital pianos more than the acoustic pianos.
The "CITY LIFE" series was born under this circumstances,
having its goal to make the best acoustic pianos which will fit into the small housing.
It has small and smart design, and it will not make any bouncing sound or any bad resonance sound even if you place it at the small child room.
Now we can enjoy and experience the music in actual which cannot happen by digital pianos in a small space.
For these reasons, "CITY LIFE" series became popular from all over the world with big cities.
Please kindly contact to your sales contact person if you are interested. We have some more line ups from this "CITY LIFE" series.