Regarding this piano, the first things you might notice are the walnut gradation finishing of the case,
the curved legs and the antique style decorations on the upper front panel,
together creating an eye-catching design.
The double casters, which only highest grade models are equipped with,
help minimize the vibrations when moving it and make its appearance look even more luxurious.
In addition the action presents agraffes on the low range,
thanks to which the strings angles and spaces are regulated and so the sound becomes more beautiful.
Again, it utilizes Abel Hammers, which are also used by world-famous brands like Steinway and C.Bechstein.
Black keys are made of Ebony wood, which is very hard and well absorbs hands sweat,
so the player can express delicate touch nuances more easily.
The name of the model, “Sagano”, comes from a forest in Kyoto, celebrated for its bamboos:
by using many excellent quality parts, this luxurious model achieved a sound as serene as a bamboo forest.
If you are interested, feel free to ask your sales contact person!