We’d like to introduce you the EASTEIN B, manufactured and sold by Tokyo Piano Industry.
Tokyo Piano Industry was created by skilled tuners, so even when many pianos were needed,
they kept applying the motto of making good quality pianos cherishing old-fashioned handcraft.
From 1964 Naotomo Kinebuchi, acknowledged by Steinway as the best tuner in Japan,
joined the company as technical adviser and so further encouraged the already excellent piano making. Unfortunately Tokyo Piano industry has ceased activities in 1990,
but it`s still a well known company that gets featured on catalogs, manuals and pianos related publications. <><> The EASTEIN B is considered the greatest piano among EASTEIN uprights, as it was inspired by and able to reproduce Bluthner pianos quality. For example, “Kurinuki Tekkotsu” models that have the tuning pins base buried in a special metal base separated from the frame, are proof of the capability to perfectly reproduce Bluthner pianos. They are not like contemporary pianos, where the sound is created only by the strings tension: the very mild and beautiful sounds are created thanks to the resonating capability of the whole piano. Since they were handcrafted one by one, the production volume was extremely low and even now EASTEIN pianos are well known and highly evaluated as exquisite instruments. We have a large assortment of EASTEIN pianos: other than type B, types U, C, N, E and S are available, so don’t miss this opportunity!