“I like a classical design but I would like something different from the usual piano”.
I think you might have heard this sentence many times. In this case,
how about suggesting a big music desk panel piano?
While keeping an elegant and classical line, big music desk pianos have a stronger visual impact:
they look more majestic and become the central point of any room.
The difference is not only a visual one though.
Upright pianos have been designed to fit regular house spaces, so they are compact:
instead of a music desk there is a space inside the fallboard where is possible to put the music sheets.
Big music desk pianos have instead a real music desk, like Grand Pianos,
and thanks to this they help the player learning the correct sitting position and how to look at the sheets.
Playing on these pianos make it possible to do a very good practice and experience something similar to playing a Grand Piano,
and they are therefore particularly indicated for children,
young players and people aiming to professional activity.
Among Upright Pianos they are of the utmost level. We have in stock several models of this type,
Yamaha and Kawai of course, but also other Made in Japan brands like Apollo.
If you are interested and want to learn more about these pianos, don`t hesitate to call or write to your sales contact person!