We had an extremely rare piano came in.
We would like to introduce SCHWEIZERSTEIN SE200 this time.
This model is a relatively large upright piano in SCHWEIZERSTEIN series.
What we would like you to look at is decorated ribs on back side of the piano.
This is called DS sound board.
Hand crafted diamond cut on the ribs is not only for enhancing quality of design
but also making a sound wave three to four times bigger than normal ribs.
This model gives you more dynamic sound and volume than GP which has the same size of sound board to this model.
The distinctive feature of this model is to averaging its whole sound region.
We are sure your customers are going to pay attention on this piano if it’s displayed in your store or showroom!
We won’t have much opportunity to lay this model in stock so please contact us ASAP if you are interested.
Mail: info@used-piano.com
TEL: 81-72-232-3374