A rare model came in stock. Have you ever heard of LICHTENSTEIN KS605?
LICHTENSTEIN is one of the brands of the maker “Kreutzer”, a Japanese handcraft company based in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture.
“Kreutzer” is famous as a violin sonata of Beethoven, but it is not so well known as a piano brand, mainly because the number of units manufactured per year is extremely low.

You first thing you might notice is the semi-polished walnut gradation finishing of the case, so the piano has a luxury feeling.
Again, the music desk with “tone escape” is decorated with a fine inlay that highlights the importance and value of craftsmanship in present days and makes it similar to Grand Pianos.

The Chippendale shaped legs have a three-dimensional effect, the action utilizes Renner Hammers and has wooden pedal levers, pins are the nickel plated superior quality ones and so on.
All parts are of excellent quality, so the piano itself is an artistic work and it`s easy to feel the technical skills of professionals behind it.

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