Eastein is a piano brand which belonged to Tokyo Piano Kogyo LTD.

The piano company had been established by Naoto Kinebuchi.
During its years of manufacturing, the brand has developed by closely studying the craftmanship of Bluthner Pianos in Germany.
Naoto studied about piano manufacturing at Steinway and Grotrian Piano Company in Germany.

His son (Naotomo) also studied in Europe and had later become an apprentice of Bangan Ohhashi,
one of the most famous piano craftsmen in earlier piano industry of Japan.

Eastein pianos were manufactured under the influence of European brands, and we would like to introduce you a part of their collection:

MODEL B: Famous and popular model with features inspired by Bluthner.
MODEL T: Arranged MODEL B into the style of Bosendorfer.
MODEL U: With features of Ritmuler (Germany). Named "MODEL U" as they were manufactured in a factory at Utsunomiya, Saitama Prefecture.
MODEL C: A fusion between MODEL T and U, and manufactured as a mid-rank piano.
MODEL E: Same with MODEL C but with different cabinet design.
MODEL N: Special model sold only by distributors of Tokyo Piano Kogyo, which combines the basic features of MODEL C with the Iron frame of MODEL U.

As Eastein is highly reputed piano brand in Japan, why don’t you consider selling it in your market?