DIAPASON has been manufactured since 1948.
Their pianos are designed by Mr. Bangan Ohhashi, reputed craftsman of Japan piano industry.
He seeked sounds of European pianos, and the piano sounds are regarded as "similar to Bechstein."

Some of Diapason pianos have "OHHASHI DESIGN" carved seal on their iron frame,
and this indicates the pianos are manufactured along with scale design by Mr. Bangan Ohhashi.

Currently, many Diapason pianos are manufactured in Kawai factory,
and this leads to great balance of consistent quality and sound philosophy.

The philosophy can be seen from single-bind strings (only high-class European pianos use this design),
and superior action parts made by Renner Action and Roslau Wire.

Comparing with other brands, there are relatively more numbers of Diapason pianos in market and stock,
so please have chance to try this great instrument.