SCHWEIZERSTEIN are one of the handmade piano manufacturers.

The attempt to use Renner hammer and Roslau music wire is what differentiate
this manufacturer from other manufacturer. Especially the strictness of making
the back board, one of the most important parts that creates the sound.

Also the technology to make a DS soundboard, a technology in which the sound poles
form is different from normal one and got a special cut decoration.

Thanks to this special cut decoration, the sounds that are created are multiple times
better than the normal one. The model that we want to introduce this time,
the SS131MC model doesn`t have DS soundboard technology, but on the contrary
this piano is one of the rare piano in which the soundboard was made using
a Picea glehni, a wood that comes from Hokkaido. This model is also using a
Renner hammer and Roslau music wire which made this piano one of the
good quality material piano.

If you have any interest in SCHWEIZERSTEIN piano or the SS131MC model,
please contact us.