C3TD Model


Do you know about a C3TD Yamaha model? It is a series that are not being released
for every country, so it is no surprise if there are many people that didn`t know about it.
The C3TD is manufactured in Kakegawa factory, a factory that also manufactured
the Yamaha C3X model. The C3TD is a 186cm size GP and manufactured starting
from year 2012.

The abbreviation for TD is “Traditional Series”.
Series which is made not only to realize the touch feeling, tone and the deep sound
of the C series, but it also cut every unneeded aspect and cost of the piano as much
as possible.

As a result, It is easier to obtain this model than the C series model.
In TAKEMOTO PIANO, not only a model that are being known publicly,
but we also got models that usually people cannot find in the market.
We believe that when people are comparing your market with others, being able to
get this kind of rare product will also become one of people`s consideration.