How did our company collect the piano


Our company collects every unused Piano from all over Japan.
Our company also got a TV commercial, and most people that live in Japan
should have seen our TV commercial at least once.
There are story and memory in each and every piano.
With a time passed piano have also become parts of human’s life itself.

For example, a child plays a piano until they got big and get married,
a piano that are being surrounded by kids in school, etc.

When we got a phone call from the seller, we politely explain to them that
the pianos that we bought are not for disposal, but are being used again in other country.
They feel very relieved when they heard that and let us take care of their pianos.

Our company want to make contribution to life itself through every story and memory
that are being passed by each piano.
We will feel very happy if you can take good care of a piano.