Soundboard is a board that cannot produce a sound


Piano's string is made of steel. But a soundboard that make the sound of the string
into a rich tone are made from wood.

If only want to make the resonating sound produced by hammer hitting the string loudier,
a metal made soundboard should produce a better sound.

Even so, why soundboard are made from wood?
The reason is that a metal soundboard can make both low and high tone sound loudier,
but a wooden soundboard only make a low tone loudier, while it also got the characteristic
to lower the sound of the high tone.

in other word, while soundboard is a board to make a sound,
but it also got a function to mute the sound itself.
Starting from using spruce as the material,
Picea jezoensis was also used as the soundboard material because This kind of tree is very effective to dampen a high tone sound,
and realese them with a richer sound.
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