Console pianos


About 100-200 pianos come to our inventory every day.
Sometimes we collect pianos that you would hardly find at piano stores.
I would like to introduce Consoles from our stock today.

For convenience, we define spinets as interior-oriented pianos with outer music desks,
Chippendale legs, and engraved designs on the wooden exterior. Consoles are referred
as the pianos pursuing minimization of size and decoration for simplicity. Since old
upright pianos, especially American made ones, had slightly different structure from
the present upright pianos, consoles were said to be the best piano type to transfer
the key movement to the action properly.

Spinets, already popular among European countries, are now getting more
demands from Asian countries. Especially, many piano manufacturers still produce
this type of piano, focusing on the designs which match the furniture and interior
decorative. Because of their smaller size, spinet pianos can be easily moved to the center
of the living room, being played in the middle of people for special occasion.
We have various kinds of spinets and consoles in our inventory. You will surely be able to
find the best one for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!