The International Tchaikovsky Competition


As you know, the International Tchaikovsky Competition held from June 15.
Today, I would like to talk to you about this Competition.

The International Tchaikovsky Competition, it is one of the three major musical
competition in the world along with Chopin and Queen Elizabeth. The competition
has produced many great pianists. The competition is named after Russian composer
Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky. The first Competition opened in Moscow, Russia in 1958,
and been held every four years including four disciplines at present competition: piano,
violin, cello, and vocal. This year's 15th competition is dedicated to the 175th
anniversary of Tchaikovsky's birth.

The Competition will be hold in Moscow and St. Petersburg from June 15 to
July 3th, 2015. Each pianist have opportunity to choose five pianos to be used for
the Competition. In 2011, four piano models were applied for the Competition:
Steinway & Sons Model D(Hamburg /New York), Yamaha CFX,
Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, and Fazioli F278.

The entire 2015 competition is to be broadcasted live via Medici TV at
For details, visit Tchaikovsky Competition website.

We currently have: Steinway & Sons Model D #378200, Kawai EX #1830001,
Yamaha CFⅢ#4540400(A grade). How about you try looking into that purchase?