Various types of piano bodies


What colors will you imagine for pianos?
Many pianos are coming to our warehouse everyday,
and of course there are various kinds of colored pianos.
Today, we would like to introduce piano cabinet colors.

Impression of a piano would change significantly by wood materials, finishes, or wood
grains. For the piano cabinets, majority are polished black, and also mahogany and
walnut. According to our company classification, we call reddish cabinet color as
mahogany (MG), and brownish cabinet color as walnut (WN).
However, actual wood materials are more in variety,
such as cherry, teak, rosewood, birch, sapeli, etc.
By using wood materials with beautiful wood grains, people can get luxurious
impressions. Japanese piano makers have been manufactured various types of colors.
We would like to introduce you representative ones: Mahogany, Walnut, and Birch.

1. Mahogany
Mahogany is evergreen hardwood trees distributing in West Africa
which have Reddish-brown wood grains. In Europe, mahogany wood is used for furniture
for luxurious feeling.
We currently have: YAMAHA: C5/W116SC, KAWAI: Ki506/K18MAT,

2. Walnut
Walnut trees grow naturally from Appalachian Mountains to
midwest in the United States, with strong and durable characteristics.
Beautiful wood grains give relaxing impressions and go well with any type of furniture.
We currently have: IBACH: II, BOSTON: 118E,
KAWAI: K18B/KL70W, OHHASHI: 132, TOYO: 歓, etc.

3. Birch
Birch family trees are hard, heavy, and high-density grains, resistant to water.
It will turn much more beautiful after polishing.
Different from mahogany and walnut, warm and deep color gives solid presence to you.
We currently have: YAMAHA: MC10BiC/UX10BiC/W1ABiC/W106BB,
KAWAI: Ki75/KL62KF, etc.

Wood grain pianos are often decorated with Chippendale legs or furnishing,
and also they use carefully-selected timbers. The numbers of wood-grain pianos are less,
and the fact makes them valuable.
Moreover, wood grain pianos change atmosphere of stores and houses into
warm and hearty ones.
If you have any questions for the wood grain pianos, please feel free to contact us.
Sales staff also will support you as much as we can.