About 100-200 pianos come to our inventory every day.
Sometimes we collect pianos that you would hardly find at piano stores.
Let us introduce such a rare upright piano today.


This piano was manufactured in 1987, when YAMAHA celebrated 100th anniversary
year since foundation, and produced characteristic anniversary models. Each of those
anniversary models has various decorative made by famous artisans of the time period
and is a very valued art.
One of the appealing characterstics of the MODERN is its decoration.
As seen in the photo, a gold-leaf cat on the black Japanese lacquer sets off the
piano, with Makie Technique.

Makie technique, sprinkling golden powder over Japanese lacquer, is a Japanese
traditional technique that has been passed on to more than 1200 years. The technique
is applied on traditional crafts such as lacquerwares in first-class Japanese
restaurants and Kimono's sash. The realistic cat on #4376235 was painted
by an authority of Wajima Makie artisan Seiemon Kita.

Not only on the panel but also on the legs have distinctive designs that are different
from existing product line-ups. With Yamaha original disclavier, MODERN embodies
the collaboration between Japanese traditional technique and modern technology.

Other than this MODERN, we collect various kinds of rare pianos.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in unique pianos that other stores
won't get.