Positive effects seen in piano lessons


There is important business chance in running music school and it will bring you
to get potential customers through teaching how to play musical instruments.
On students as young children, chance to have long-term business can be increased.

Originally, it is said that learning piano is the best way for children to grow up well,
and there is no way to give more good influence than piano classes.
Then, we would like to tell you about three positive effects seen in piano lessons.
1) Through training to understand scores at sight,
their intelligence can go beyond the average.
2) Using both hands with different movements brings good effect to their brains.
Plus, player uses not only hands but also foots while playing piano.
Working together with hands, foots, and eyes improve functions on kinetics,
intellect, emotion, and memory.
3) Among various educational classes for young children,
piano class has the best result of making HQ (Humanity Quotient) improvement.
(*HQ: the ability to behave appropriately in order to archive ones' goals,
or the ability to socialize with ration & cooperation)
To develop HQ, education among the age of 5 to 8 is very important period,
and 2-year training makes the brain structure improve greatly.

For people who already have music class and who are going to have such schools,
we would like to suggest that you promote your schools and music education
by showing benefits from scientific perspective starting lessons from childhood.