Piano boom in Japan


It has been 115 years since the first Japan-made piano was manufactured in the year 1900.
After that, with continual innovation and development by all piano makers
including Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. (known as YAMAHA) and KAWAI,
Japanese pianos have been globally renowned for the high quality standards.

Along with increasing income by rapid economic growth from 1950's
and popularity of music education, more people started to learn piano during 1970-1980
and pianos sales were dramatically increased, as well as number of produced pianos.
Big companies realized the high productivity of mass-production lines.
On the other hand, small companies focused to make ideal pianos with excellent tone/shape
and using highly-selected piano parts. At the same time,
many companies pursue their own technology and craft.
Examples are, MOT and SSS by APPOLO, DS Soundboard by SCHWEIZERSTEIN,
uncompromising level of hand-made pianos by OHHASHI/KREUTZER/SCHWESTER,
and ATLAS had made pianos under supervising of music professors.
Many other piano makers had tried to improve quality of their products
during competitive period.

Some of models are no longer available to buy as brand-new pianos any more,
but they come to our warehouse as secondhand pianos now.
We have introduced such great pianos by newsletters so far
(please check them out in the past news),
and had so many inquiries for those treasured pianos from all over the world.
Please let us know if you have interest in and introduce the perfect one for you!