Ibach was founded by Johannes Adolf Ibach in Germany in 1794. This company is
known as one of the oldest piano makers in the world, and as the first piano maker
that invented cast metal frame and upright pianos. Over a long history,
Ibach acquired high reputation by providing pianos to the outstanding pianists,
name Wagner, Strauss, and Liszt.

Today we have one Ibach grand piano, FII in our stock. As seen in the picture,
there is a bar attached along with the boards on the soundboard. This bar is assumed
to be attached in order to minimize the uncomfortable sound when it moves from
bass strings to wires (from low note to mid note). It also has German-made Renner action,
which shows their persuasion toward sound quality.

The one we have in our stock at this moment has beautiful tiger stripe veins on body.
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