As you may know,
Eastein piano is rare piano which is not generally known but famous on specialists.

Since 1949, EASTEIN has been manufactured by TOKYO PIANO KOGYO LTD.
This TOKYO PIANO KOGYO LTD is the first piano company to be certificated by
JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) in 1961.
At that time, only KAWAI and TOKYO PIANO KOGYO got the certification toward
both of Piano itself and Action.

Mr. Naotomo Kinebuchi is a tuner who made the most donation in manufacturing
EASTEIN pianos.
He was studying at STEINWAY as tuner, and became the No.1 concert tuner in Japan.
He was so motivated and strict in creating each piano by handcraft, which caused
resistance from other workers as mass production was trend in the age.
However, his pianos acquired high reputation by many people who prefer
carefully-handcrafted unique pianos to mass products.

In our warehouse, there is EASTEIN grand piano, length 156cm, which sounds well.
The most outstanding feature is the arc-shaped soundboard base, to expand
soundboard area for more sound volume.
This arc-shaped one is seen in some pianos of YAMAHA C3 serial number from 800,000
to 900,000. These seemed to be created referring on Tallone models, and who loves
Tallone may prefer this EASTEIN also.

This EASTEIN is so rare, and it is good chance to consider about it.